An Old Orchard Beach High School graduate who has worked in Hollywood for more than a decade is coming home this month to direct his first feature-length film.

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Billy Hanson was born in Aroostook County and moved with his family to Old Orchard Beach when he was 12.

Billy Hanson, whose Hollywood credits include the popular Nickelodeon series “iCarly,” will be in Maine this month to make an indie horror movie about Navy SEALs called “Bone Cold.” Filming will begin Thursday and last until about Feb. 21, mostly on private land in Newfield and Parsonsfield but with one scene planned for downtown Portland.

Hanson is one of two filmmakers raised in Maine but working in Hollywood who will make independent films in the state early this year. The other is John Barr, who grew up in Cumberland and will shoot a crime thriller called “Allagash” around Bethel and Rumford in March.

The story of “Bone Cold” revolves around two Navy SEAL snipers who are sent on a mission into the woods of Ukraine to kill a militia leader but end up unleashing “something not human,” Hanson said. The woods and snow-covered fields of western York County will play the role of Ukraine. The film stars Jonathan Stoddard of the TV soap opera “The Young and the Restless.”

Hanson, 34, said he chose Maine for his first feature film because he knew people would donate help and resources, important to any low-budget indie project. He quickly was able to obtain the use of land to film on and snowmobiles for filming, through family and friends.

“It was always my intention to make my film here because I knew people would be so supportive,” Hanson said Wednesday. “If I made this somewhere in Los Angeles and went looking for people to help, it would be harder to find.”


Besides filming in Newfield and Parsonsfield, Hanson said one scene will be shot in downtown Portland, involving the central characters on a bus. He said Wednesday that he didn’t know exactly where the scene will be shot, but said it will likely be on Feb. 16.

Hanson said people who want to find out more about the film, including opportunities to be extras, can email

Hanson was born in Aroostook County and lived in several towns there before his family moved to Old Orchard Beach when he was about 12. He went to film school at Florida State University and, after graduating 12 years ago, moved to Los Angeles.

He worked in production jobs on several Nickelodeon TV series, including “iCarly,” “Victorious” and “Zoey 101.”

He’s also directed web series and short films, including “Survivor Type,” based on a Stephen King short story. That film debuted in 2012 and has played at film festivals around the world.

Hanson said he plans to show “Bone Cold” at film festivals, then – he hopes – in theaters or perhaps on streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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