My name is Emily Ingwersen, and my husband, Rob, and I own Ginger Hill Design + Build in Arundel.

In 2008 we started our green building firm, with the goal of building beautiful, affordable, efficient spaces. As small-business owners, we know that our buildings are only as strong as the workers who build them.

That’s why we were excited when state Sen. Rebecca Millett introduced L.D. 369, a bill to guarantee earned paid sick days for Maine workers. When an electrician is wiring a home or a roofer is installing a roof, they should be fully focused on the task at hand. They shouldn’t be preoccupied with the flu or worrying about the sick child they had to leave at home. That ability to focus really makes the difference in terms of the quality of work they do and could also make the difference in a worker’s safety.

I sincerely hope that the state Legislature listens to the tens of thousands of Mainers who have called for earned paid sick days and the nearly 200 small-business owners around the state who have publicly endorsed Sen. Millett’s bill.

Emily Ingwersen


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