When I noticed the headline about art for the new Brighton Avenue roundabout (“Panel listens to input on art for new Brighton Ave. roundabout,” March 22, Page B1), my first thought was that there must be something more worthwhile for Portland’s mayor and City Council to approve monies for.

And then it hit me … or, rather, my car. You see, I was riding on Riverside Street and the myriad of holes, ruts and ledges one has to navigate is daunting.

If a traffic situation needs improving, I would think a hazardous road like Riverside would be far more important to public safety than artwork that people would have chances to enjoy for a second or two.

Perhaps the mayor and City Council could take their own cars in a caravan and drive from Brighton Avenue to Washington Avenue Extension and experience the thrill of the ride many commuters have to endure day after day, or worse, at night.

Chris Bove


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