The Park Avenue traffic nightmare continues:

• Single-lane traffic, backed up in both directions between Forest Avenue and The Expo – and not just during rush hour.

• “No Turn on Red” signs at every corner, which are difficult to see during the day and impossible at night, though most people driving in the area seem to think it is only a suggestion.

• An impossible line of sight for drivers entering or exiting 17 driveways on Park Avenue, created by parking spaces set 4 feet out from the curb because of the new bike lane.

It’s spring and the bike lane is about to get busy. Bicyclists flying down that lane will be taken out by the opening of car doors, or at corners where turning drivers will not be able to see them. Someone is going to get hurt. Someone is going to get killed!

If this is Councilor Spencer Thibodeau’s “vision” for Portland, then I will work as hard as I can to ensure that he is not elected mayor this fall. I don’t think the rest of Portland can survive his vision!

Michael Liff


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