Maine Democratic Senators James Dill, Erin Herbig, Louis Luchini, and David Miramant have been singled out by some for not subscribing to group think, when they voted to keep the religious exemption within LD 798. In this case, they chose to think like individuals, to protect individual rights.

Say what you want about the anti-vax moment. I certainly have my own personal opinions about it. The key here is not to let your personal opinions usurp the choices of others.

The Senate Republicans and these four Democrats never lost sight that this is a civil liberties issue, and despite all of the scientific proof that immunizations work well, and that measles have certainly spiked among the non-immunized, the simple and, for some, frustrating truth is, you cannot compel a needle into someone else.

Never forget that each individual owns his/her body. The greater good needs to be served via intelligence, not force.

Jim Baines, Chair, Libertarian Party of Maine


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