Once again, in back-to-back news coverage and opinion writing in the Press Herald, biased headlines attack President Trump.

I refer to your July 3 Washington Post story, “House Democrats sue to gain access to Trump’s tax returns” (Page A3), and, on the very next page, a New York Daily News editorial, “Another View: How low will Trump go? We’re afraid to find out.”

I am curious as to what law allows these committees – spurred on by ranting Democrats looking for our president’s head on a stake – to sue for his tax returns. Stop the witch hunt. Just as they lost the election and could not accept the results, they cannot accept the findings of numerous investigations, including the Mueller report. This was praised by Democrats for two years; they said it would expose all the wrongdoings of the Trump campaign and early administration. Instead, it resulted in no criminal charges against our president and ignored what I believe was the collusion of the Clinton campaign with Russia.

They might also want to look at the tax returns of Bill and Hillary Clinton to find how two people who went into the White House with $700,000 are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Time for our elected in Congress to stop whining and get to work. That is what they get paid for.

As for the Another View: How quickly we forget President Barack Obama caught on hot mikes telling then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, “After my election I have more flexibility,” and his belligerent threat, when questioned about his talks with Vladimir Putin about meddling in our election, that he had told Putin “to cut it out.”

How did that work out, President Obama? All the so-called “meddling” President Trump is accused of happened on Obama’s watch.

Don Davis


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