Elizabeth Warren, a leading Democratic presidential candidate, is fearless. She speaks truth to power, be it corporations, insurance companies or politicians. Moreover, she knows how to fix America’s greatest challenge: the demise of our middle class and the greatest concentration of wealth in a century. Finally, she has the passion to get it done, a commitment reminiscent of the suffragists chained to the White House fence a century ago. Real change requires that kind of courage.

Wall Street shenanigans caused the 2008 Great Recession through financial schemes too complicated to notice or unravel. The schemers paid no price for the crash because of large, targeted campaign donations, which also bought them massive tax cuts. Large campaign donors now virtually own the Republican Party and much of the Democratic establishment. Their fingerprints are everywhere.

Warren understands and clearly explains how these powerhouses have rigged the system – from taxes, to environmental exemptions, to outright corruption. Since the 1980s, wages of America’s middle class have stagnated. Millions more are losing ground, bankrupted by uninsured medical costs. Our children’s future is clouded by planetary destruction, massive student debt and unaffordable housing. Global competition, outsourcing and automation portend the loss of millions of blue- and white-collar jobs.

Expect these powerhouses to take aim at Warren as her poll numbers rise. They want more of the same. American voters should not.

Janice Cooper

Democratic state representative


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