I appreciate very much Sen. Bill Diamond’s efforts in attacking and trying to resolve the issue of drivers who care more about their own personal issues as they drive and talk versus the safety of everyone else on the road or walking along the roads. People actually juggle as they drive – phone in one hand, coffee in the other, swerving back and forth in their “lanes.” Their total disregard for others is sickening!

Thus, my opposition is to any changes in the amount of the fine for anyone caught under the new “hands-free” law (“Hands-free fines facing review,” Sept. 20, Page A1). A $230 fine is a lesson not soon to be forgotten. A $50 fine is but a slap on the wrist. It will make no impression upon the idiots who get caught. Fining them $230 will at least make them think twice the next time they decide to try using the phone while driving.

Again, thanks, Sen. Diamond and all the others who have supported this law. But please, leave it the way it is currently with the bigger fine.

Sometimes we tend to bend a little to make things easier. But when you’re teaching a serious lesson to people who have a hard enough time dealing with reality, these folks who don’t have a care about others’ safety, hit them with a real lesson! I think it will prove to make the roads and highways a safer place to drive for those who actually follow the law.

Dennis S. Estes

Kittery Point

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