It has been absolutely delightful to see the many monarch butterflies in our South Portland garden throughout the summer.

As I write, we see several going from flower to various flower – seeking sustenance before their amazing, arduous and life-threatening migration to a forest in central Mexico. several thousands of miles.

We have also enjoyed the precious humming birds (and many other avian friends) flitting from flower to flower for nectar, before they begin their long journey to Central America.

These are small, defenseless creatures who undertake these annual migrations, motivated by powerful instincts, much larger than any one of them.

They don’t have to worry about borders or walls.

Neither do they travel in business class on a plane in comfort, plied with food, wine, movies and rest.

They go, because they must, and bring us such great joy when they return next spring!

I wonder how global warming, pollution and their negative effects, caused entirely by us, will seriously affect these migrations and these small creatures in the near future.

At the human level, we are called to take care of the least among us – the orphans, the poor, the widows and others.

“Do No Harm” is a good credo but not sufficiently adequate by any stretch in today’s context.

We are required to protect and take care of the most vulnerable among us, and in this matter, I believe we have no choice.

Ravi Koil

South Portland

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