A word to the wise: In the face of undisputed illegal behavior by the president, the vast majority of Republican politicians have nothing to say.

The most that (just a few) Republican politicians can muster are calculated statements of concern. There is no doubt that the House will bring articles of impeachment against this man in due time. However, by the spineless silence of most of the Republican Party in the face of this man’s egregious betrayal of his oath of office, it seems likely that the Republican-dominated Senate will not convict him and remove him from office. They know his behavior is criminal, but are afraid to speak up because they fear the Tweeter-in-Chief. They fear that they would be “primaried” – which could cost them their seats in Congress.

While acquittal in the Senate would appear to be a victory for Trump, it would actually be a pyrrhic one for him and would likely lead to the electoral loss in 2020 for many of those cowardly Republican politicians who have been so desperate to cling to their cushy jobs that they would sell out their country. Even if they lack the patriotism to stand up for what is right, I would suggest that, for many of them, the best practical way to save their seats would be to stand up and speak out against this ongoing destruction of our democracy.

Tom Berry


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