Susan Collins is worried that an impeachment trial will delay the Senate’s business. Perhaps a little chat with Senator McConnell would clarify what the business of the Senate should be. He is holding over 100 bills hostage on his desk that have been passed by the House since January. Isn’t that delaying Senate business simply for political gain? The House is clearly demonstrating it is possible to do its legislative business and running investigations simultaneously.

I suppose Collins would like to ignore Trump’s actions. That is just not possible. Trump has a rich variety of legal woes. He seems to not comprehend Congress’ right to oversight functions. He is obstructing their job.

It’s the investigation into Trump’s role in manipulating a foreign leader to help him in his reelection bid that is particularly serious. Not even Richard Nixon had the audacity to involve a foreign leader in his reelection bid.

So, yes, Senator Collins, you have lots of things to take care of. And this impeachment stuff  is a difficult, consuming business. But if you love our country you will stand up to this corruption. You will speak up for our democracy and our Constitution. This is not a game between Democrats and Republicans.This is about our very life blood: the document that is the foundation of our government. And dismissing the process of impeachment and trial is betrayal to the Constitution you swore to defend.

Jo Trafford