BOWDOINHAM — Customers can now enjoy a cocktail on a Sunday at Three Robbers Pub, the town’s only restaurant, following Tuesday’s election.

The local referendum passed 633-110 in favor of allowing liquor to be sold and consumed on the premises of establishments licensed by the state.

Once a “dry” town, Bowdoinham had an old rule that prohibited the sale and consumption of liquor at any establishments in town.

In 2013, a business owner who ran a restaurant in the Main Street building where Three Robbers Pub opened earlier this year circulated a petition to change the rule.  Bowdoinham residents agreed to allow malt liquor and wine to be sold and consumed any day but Sunday.

Tuesday’s vote now means customers can imbibe at licensed establishments on Sundays.

“We’re happy that it passed, absolutely,” said Sam Hilling, co-owner of Three Robbers Pub. “Right now we can’t do anything on Sundays.”

The pub is located at 12 Main St., near the town’s boat launch. Potential customers have traveled by boat to Bowdoinham on Sundays only to find Three Robbers Pub closed.

“We do miss a lot of the boat traffic on Sundays,” Hilling said.

With Tuesday’s vote, Three Robbers can now serve liquor, beer and wine on Sundays, which will allow so staff to make mixed drinks. The town allows the pub to serve beer and wine Monday through Saturday, but not liquor.

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