When people get sick with infectious diseases, my career has been dedicated to ensuring medical doctors have safe and quick tests to diagnose patients. I never thought that I would need to consider rapid tests for diseases that were essentially eliminated from our everyday fears.

Maine’s kindergarten non-medical exemption rates have increased in the past eight years from 3.5 percent to 5.6 percent, and there’s no indicator that this dangerous tide will change. And, as any scientist like I would hypothesize, outbreaks are becoming the norm – chickenpox, mumps, pertussis, to name a few. Now, as my daughter grows and we consider public schools for her – I wonder, will they be as vulnerable to outbreaks as they are now?

This is why I will and I encourage all others to vote “no” on the people’s veto in March, which will roll back modern medicine and leave our schools vulnerable to outbreaks. While there is no test for common sense, I trust my fellow Mainers on this dangerous fad.

Joe Grant


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