They probably never met each other, but these three wise women had much in common.

Jeanne Mayberry grew up in Old Town and later lived in the Portland area. She was well-known for her frosted Christmas cookies and for her gracefulness on the ballroom dance floor. Mayberry died in 2010 at the age of 87.

Ruth Hamm was a longtime Portland resident, a devoted grandmother and great-grandmother who built a collection of ceramic angels. Hamm died in 2014 at the age of 83.

And Henrietta “Henty” LaRou was admired in her hometown of South Portland as a tireless volunteer, including with the city’s libraries, historical society and museums. Larou died in 2015 at the age of 94.

Among the things the three women shared was a love of Christmas and a love of children. Each was a longtime donor to the Press Herald Toy Fund.

And each woman also left behind friends and family who remember their kindness and generosity. And, as happens each year around this time, their legacies continue in the form of donations flowing into the toy fund in memory of the three women.


In memory of John C Allen Jr   $100
Merry Christmas!  $50
Merry Christmas! The Queso Family  $50
From Kevin & Brian  $100
Anonymous  $40
In memory of Barbara Faietta  $50
For Lita  $50
In loving memory of Catherine Chase and Debra O’brion from the family  $540
Justin, Kristen, and Brynn Reardon  $30
So children will have a Merry Christmas! Jane & Steve Martin  $150
In memory of Pinky and Patrick, from your family  $100
Kara & Jeremy Law  $100
Merry Christmas to the children…$500
Giles family  $100
Merry Christmas! Stuart & Margaret  $500
Anonymous  $25
In memory of Bumpy, from the Green & Leadbetter families  $100
From our kids to your kids – Stella D, Addi F, Georgia L, Sophie R  $150
Anonymous  $30
To help those in need. Deborah Napier  $50
Merry Christmas from the Maine Podiatric Medical Association  $100
In loving memory of Patricia M Talbot  $100
Anonymous  $200
Anonymous  $50
Chelsea Lane  $50
Anonymous $100
Year to date  $86,070.50


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