I enjoyed Stuart Spigel’s excellent adventure in thought. As he says, “Truth is not partisan, Mr. Beem” (Jan. 3). It easily can be discovered on “Fox & Friends,” whose hosts all have undergraduate degrees in either journalism or unknown, with a political science minor.

These truth-speakers agree with Stuart and I in dreading a dystopia of affordable health care, licensed gun owners, taxed billionaires, less carbon dioxide in the air, and other such abominations. Steve’s, Ainsley’s and Brian’s heads are not packed with fake information gibberish such as atmospheric thermodynamics, calculus, differential equations, oceanography, and atmospheric chemistry. That is why the “Fox & Friends” people, Stuart, and I can think clearly, unlike the more than 97% of climate scientists who are brainwashed into believing that humans are primarily responsible for global heating.

As most Australians, very smart people, will tell you, global heating doesn’t even exist. Never mind what our Pentagon says (Who builds a five-sided building?) Similarly confused foreigners say that they can afford health care, when we know it is impossible.

The lies go on and on. This cabal of falsity soon will be telling us that Homer Simpson is not a real person. D’oh!

Kenneth Weston