In 1970, at age 23, living in Boston and working in Cambridge, I was convinced that doomsday was imminent. Revolution was in the air; kids were shot and killed at Kent State; Nixon’s great “silent majority” stood behind the Vietnam War; I awaited my draft number to come up and I’d be sent to the “killing fields” (against my will).

The world didn’t end then and won’t now. But how much more hopeless must it feel to be 23 or younger today? Where is hope to be found? In 20 years of college loan payments? In minimum wage jobs? In Donald Trump and his lawless, corrupt political party? In fearing the coming effects of climate change? In fear of being shot at school?

I truly believe the hope of this country will rest with the younger millennials and Gen Zs. In that role their job will be monumental.

The tide will turn and justice will return through your efforts. You are valuable. This “OK Boomer” (me) believes in you.

Michael T. Bucci