The semi-recent hands-free law has probably had some partial success in cutting down distracted driving-related accidents, but every day we still see drivers on their phones, not paying attention to the road. Maine is one of the last states in New England to have such laws, so it is understandable that it will take a while for people to make this adjustment to their cellphone use, but we didn’t think it would take this long.

In the months since the law took effect last Sept. 19, we continue to see plenty of distracted driving-related incidents on our roads. We need to figure out why people are blindly ignoring the law. Are we that addicted to our phones that we compromise our own lives and the lives of our loved ones?

This law should have solved or have had a major impact on Maine’s distracted-driving problems, but it appears that that there has only been a small improvement on the roads. We need to put down our phones and respect the laws of our state and of our country. We need to stop these useless accidents, and even deaths, from the ubiquitous cellphones.

William Dunham


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