A New Sharon man was arrested early Saturday morning after leading several police agencies on a chase through Sanford into New Hampshire.

Michael Marble was charged with eluding a police officer and dangerous driving, and likely will face further charges from several other agencies, the Sanford Police Department said Sunday.

Police said they were notified of a “terrorizing” incident involving Marble Friday night at Wolves Club, a bar in Sanford. They also received a report about a stolen car from Wells, which they located around 2 a.m. Saturday in the parking lot of Marden’s.

Police said Marble, the driver, fled when officers arrived. They followed him through Sanford, into Wells, and then back into Sanford. Police said they used spike mats, but that didn’t stop him.

The pursuit continued – through Springvale, Shapleigh and Acton – as police agencies joined the chase along the way. Marble eventually lost control of his vehicle, which police did not describe, and crashed in Wakefield, New Hampshire.

Wakefield police took him into custody. There were no injuries in the pursuit, Sanford police said.


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