My dad got it three weeks ago. My mom died Monday from it. I have it.

Rule 1: Fight like crazy to keep this out of your home. You should feel that your actions are over the top, crazy-obsessive. Your hands should be raw from scrubbing. Your house should smell like disinfectant. Let nobody in your home. If they do come in, they cannot be within 10 feet of any family member. You must spray disinfectant and wipe down any surface they touch. You should feel like a crazy person. That means you are doing it about right.

Rule 2: Anyone in the family who ventures into the world must realize that every time they leave the house, they risk bringing the virus into the home. They must stay 10 feet from everyone in the world. Returning to the house means disinfecting, changing clothes, washing hands. See Rule 1.

Rule 3: If someone in your home does get it, quarantine them within your home. Separate bedroom. Separate bathroom. Fanatical cleaning. The violation of this rule cost me dearly. At the time, I rationalized my actions. I look back, and I know I could have done a better job. Take everyone’s temperature every day. Anyone over 99.0 goes into quarantine. If you lose your sense of taste and/or smell, you go into quarantine.

Rule 4: You must take care of yourself. I have had the virus for about five days now. One day I feel fine. The next day I feel like dirt. It seems that the bad days follow days when I ate junk and did not rest. Deep breathing seems to help. Not fun while I’m doing it. Feels good about 10 minutes later.

Look at your family. Consider that your failure at any of the above could mean the sacrifice of someone you love. You are fighting for their lives.

Scott Simmonds


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