A little glitch with my surgically repaired ticker landed me at Maine Med this past week. At 87, I certainly did not expect my inpatient stay to be one of the most rewarding and gratifying experiences of my life.

Every staff member I was blessed to encounter exemplified the following: “A profession is great when greatly pursued.” These are the heroes who put life on the line to help others.

Their strength and unselfishness have prompted me to say to all who are not social distancing, are not wearing a mask when appropriate or are protesting the governor’s efforts to save lives, please consider this: Every day here in Maine and around the globe, folks wake up and go about the task of helping others – just like our Maine Med heroes, our law enforcement heroes and so many others. They are dedicated and unselfish.

Sure, times are tough, but can they ever be so tough that any of us has the right to disregard the health, safety and well-being of others? I think not. Assume for a moment that your missing mask or your failure to distance as you express your gripe leads to the death of someone you love.

We simply cannot buy in to the idea that “my rights” are more important than the rights of others. Just ask a nurse who has had to learn what it is like to risk life to save a life.

Robert Cummins


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