Does John Balentine actually despise liberals so much that he will gloat over the fact that, due to the pandemic, we are all being forced to use plastic bags rather than reusable ones? And does he really want to make it a “liberal issue” that our garbage dumps are rapidly filling and we can help by using less plastic? He says “Here’s hoping the bag bans disappear forever,” so I guess so. I hope John does not cut off too much nose while spiting his face. And is he really gloating over the fact that mass transit has helped spread the virus faster? I never realized that promoting mass transit was a “liberal issue,” but live and learn. And apparently living in big cities is a “liberal thing” and living in rural areas a “conservative” one and the pandemic will teach those liberals a lesson for living so close together. It’s really a shame that good writers like John have to waste their time echoing the moronic right wing edge in these divisive times rather than actually doing some serious independent thinking and finding the intelligent middle ground that might help pull us closer together. He does go there sometimes and it’s very refreshing when he does.

Peyton Higgison