Mainers have already decided in favor of ranked-choice voting and should decline to sign a petition for a third vote. Ranked-choice voting is a common-sense way to ensure a majority candidate in elections. Despite what detractors argue, it does not give voters multiple votes. It is the law of the land in Maine, decided by both the Maine Legislature and by the people via referendum.

Former 2nd District U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin’s campaign to overturn ranked-choice voting for presidential general elections is another attempt to scare the people of Maine into thinking that ranked-choice voting is a destructive and illegal way to conduct elections. It is neither. His veto effort seeks to undermine the will of the public and to create further divisions in Maine’s society by spreading misinformation.

At best, this veto effort is a waste of time for the people of Maine, who have repeatedly supported ranked-choice voting. It is unnecessary for us to be subject to another divisive campaign to decide something that has already been decided. If you’re undecided about ranked-choice voting, there are numerous unbiased resources where you can learn about it.

Regardless of your stance on ranked-choice voting, I urge you to decline to sign the petition to put another question on the ballot. It’s not good for Maine politics, or Maine people.

Ben White


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