As proud citizens of both the town of Yarmouth and Maine, we know that this upcoming senatorial election is very important for the state.

Maine has always ranked as one of the best states for voter turnout in the country, due in part to our implementation of “no-excuse absentee voting” and allowing voters to vote in-person absentee at our local municipality offices. In-person voting is crucial for disabled voters, voters without reliable at-home mail services and others who are more comfortable voting in person. It is also one of the safest and easiest ways to vote, allowing Mainers to vote efficiently while avoiding long lines and crowds that the polls create.

Unfortunately, across the state there is inconsistency between town offices offering in-person absentee voting. Many town offices are closed completely and others are open by appointment only, while the rest are open five days a week. Our town office of Yarmouth is completely closed and has no announced plans to reopen. The primary on July 14 will set precedent for the senatorial election in November and we believe that every Mainer should have equal opportunity to play their part in this critical election our state needs to ensure full access to in person absentee voting for all Mainers.

Sarah Cotsen and Andrew Watt