A York Parks and Recreation employee pulled a diver in distress from the water near Nubble Lighthouse Monday morning, according to police.

People form a human chain to help pull a diver in distress from the water near Nubble Light in York. Photo courtesy of Lois R. Griswold

The 57-year-old diver was suffering from exhaustion and needed assistance in the ocean current, police said. After the diver was helped from the water, he was treated on scene by medical personnel.

Lois Griswold of Ohio, who has been vacationing in York Beach each summer for 70 years, was walking down to Nubble Light around 11 a.m. when she saw a crowd forming near the water.

“As soon as I walked over, I saw everyone was looking at the water and pointing. I saw this man who was floundering around,” she said. “It looked like he was disoriented.”

Griswold said a man jumped into the water and swam to the diver. On shore, a group of about 10 spectators formed a human chain to help the diver and his rescuer out of the water.

“It’s wonderful to see that people want to help somebody who was in trouble, especially in these times when people don’t always come to the rescue,” she said.

Police did not release the name of the diver and did not have information about where he was from. The parks and recreation employee did not want to be publicly identified, according to police.

Initial reports about a second diver in distress were not accurate, police said.

York police, the York Village Fire Department rescue boat, York Beach lifeguards and the York harbor master all responded to the rescue call.

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