When I was Portland’s planning and development director, Barb Wood was elected to the Portland City Council. Barb wanted to see our planning efforts focused on sustainable neighborhood initiatives built on community participation. She wanted us to move from a focus on large-scale redevelopment programs to ones that were built on housing preservation and homeownership.

At that time Portland was faced with a number of foreclosures on multifamily houses in our peninsula neighborhoods. Barb advocated for, and supported, the creation of a city homeownership program to assist people in buying these foreclosed properties and help stabilize our neighborhoods.

Following her council service Barb continued her community work on civil rights, public transportation and important but often overlooked efforts around neighborhood parking, street sweeping and trash removal, all critical to neighborhood residents.

I urge anyone who can, to vote for Barb for House District 38 in the Democratic primary.

Joseph E. Gray

retired Portland city manager


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