SOUTH PORTLAND—The City Council has granted a local business an Adult Use Marijuana Retail Store Establishment License after addressing a potential conflict with a city ordinance governing marijuana-related businesses.

The council voted on July 21 to grant the license to Maine Cannabis Exchange at 27 Ocean St. The concern was with the Epiphany United Methodist Church, which operates at 48 Ocean St. within 300 feet of Maine Cannabis Exchange. Local ordinances prohibit cannabis-related businesses from operating within 300 feet of certain “sensitive” locations, such as churches and schools.

But the church, according to city records, is technically renting space in what is classified on paper as a mixed-use building, according to City Manager Scott Morelli.

“They never filed a change-of-use permit with the city,” he said.

Therefore, officials determined that Maine Cannabis Exchange was not violating the ordinance in its application. The Planning Board, in a prior hearing, already addressed the issue and approved the application. Morelli said the council voted to grant the license since there were no remaining issues.

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