One thing you have to say about Edgar Allen Beem, he is consistent and unflagging in his hatred for Donald Trump and any who dare to support him. His self righteousness is sorely offended that anyone would dare to challenge his political views (July 9, “What do Trump-Pence signs mean?”).

Ed throws half-truths around like confetti at a Democratic convention, but to rebut each of them would exhaust my 300-word limit of comment.

Ed’s basic premise is that any Trump supporter has to be a brain-dead Neanderthal possessive of no redeeming qualities. Why, 59% of his white supporters are without a college education! When one considers that many of our superbly college educated of late support communism over capitalism, have multiple personal pronouns, declare that men can menstruate and postulate an ever-expanding number of genders, a non-college, commonsense education just might be superior. It also might explain why so many of our millennial college educated exhibit symptoms of brainwashing on so many subjects.

Ed, just maybe it is not the flawed man Trump but some of his ideas that you think the benighted endorse. Does one need a college education to know that: open borders and a welfare state are incompatible, having America pay the tab for climate change while China skates is ridiculous, a country must have law and order to keep a civil society, requiring America to act like it is still 1945 and we can pay the lion’s share of the defense of the west and all the multinational organizations while many of the other countries sit back with ingratitude is wrong?

Ed, most likely those you hate with such passion would support anyone who did not support the ideas you hold near and dear to your heart.

Ed, remember, the politics of hate is self-destructive!

Gerald Caruso