I gladly voted for Janet Mills as governor of this state. I believe she has done a responsible job as such, except for one issue.

It is confusing to me that she would support the Central Maine Power corridor (New England Clean Energy Connect) as something good for Maine. Maine is not directly invested in this project. Two foreign corporations and another state are. Any monetary incentives offered to this state must be weighed against the damage NECEC will cause to Maine’s No. 1 economic engine – the outdoors. Our citizens object to this disruption of their economy and way of life and, apparently, the only channel through which their voices can be heard is to petition their government to allow a choice.

Despite the objections, several administrative agencies have fallen in line behind the governor. You would think there would be no need for NECEC lawyers to accuse a grassroots movement of being backed by fossil fuel interests in a deep state conspiracy. Anything to divert attention from profligate spending on pro-NECEC advertising. Nothing could be more democratic than a vote instead of a whitewash. The Maine Supreme Judicial Court thinks so. In response to a judicial ruling, NECEC backers throw more money at Maine in the form of cheap electric rates for large customers while residential rate-payers take a hike.

Nothing is unconstitutional about people’s voices being heard. New Hampshire said no. Vermont said yes, if the line would be underground and environmentally compatible. NECEC chose Maine to do it on the cheap. Maine takes care of itself.

Douglas Yohman

East Waterboro

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