As I write this, Tropical Storm Lara and Hurricane Marcos are churning their way toward the U.S. Gulf Coast. It’s not clear how much destruction they will leave in their wake as they impact some of the poorest and most COVID-ridden parts of our country.

In a similar fashion, our two major political parties are churning their respective paths toward the traditional post-Labor Day start of the election season. In the midst of the political storms, I find optimism difficult. Although I wish it were otherwise, reflecting on the past 40-odd years indicates that while maintaining public postures of difference, both parties have served the same core interests. Both favor Wall Street corporate profits over support for wage-earners. Both favor massive military budgets over health care, education and the environment.

Maine voters have a choice in November to vote for someone who has been a tireless advocate for issues that actually match the needs and interests of the majority of Maine people – universal health care, a Green New Deal that protects and preserves our planet while creating living-wage jobs and a far-too-long delayed focus on societal systems that foster racial and economic injustice.

This election, I encourage people to use their ranked-choice vote to make their voice heard and put Lisa Savage, Green Independent candidate for U.S. Senate, at the top of their ballot selection. Together, we can make a difference.

Thomas Kircher

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