BRUNSWICK — A deal struck between state prosecutors and Brunswick Assistant Town Manager Ryan Leighton likely will result in the domestic violence case against him being dismissed.

Leighton was arrested on June 5 at his home on in Bowdoin and charged with domestic violence assault, a misdemeanor. His attorney, Scott Lynch, entered a not guilty charge on his behalf.

According to the filing agreement signed in late August by Leighton and the prosecutor, Leighton must comply with four conditions over a yearlong span. Leighton cannot violate any laws, must remain on pre-conviction bail and continue counseling during that time.

He also has to make a $200 donation to a nonprofit organization, which court documents show already has been made to Lisbon Falls Baptist Church on Aug. 21. The donation was required in lieu of community service, which has been postponed during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Leighton’s attorney Scott Lynch.

Lynch said a filing agreement like this is seen most often when the defendant strongly maintains their innocence, has no criminal record, when there are inconsistencies with the victim’s account of what occurred and when the societal benefit of the defendant performing the conditions for dismissal outweigh the need to try to get a conviction, or some combination of those factors.

In Leighton’s case all of those factors exist, he said.


Court documents don’t disclose the specifics of the alleged assault or what led up to Leighton’s arrest. Assistant District Attorney Michael Dumas said Thursday he can’t comment on the case because there is still the possibility that this case could result in a trial.

“We’re satisfied with the outcome because defending a case and your reputation is always very draining, especially when you strongly maintain your innocence,” said Lynch. “And second, it allows the people of Brunswick to know that a result was reached, that they can trust that he is fit and proper for return to duty, and third, it avoids all parties from having to have the expense and the very real stress of litigation.”

Brunswick Town Manager John Eldridge said Leighton is still on unpaid leave while he and town attorneys complete an internal investigation. Eldridge said he was waiting for the conclusion of the criminal case before completing the internal review.

Lynch said Leighton worked his way up through the ranks of town government to the position of assistant town manager in Brunswick, “and that means a lot of miles under the hood and trust and we hope that this filing agreement demonstrates the trust we put in the town, and that that will be reciprocated.”

Brunswick’s assistant town manager assists with the analysis, development, implementation and management of a wide range of policies and procedures, budgets, functions, services and operations, according to the job description. The assistant town manager also represents the town in the absence of or on behalf of the town manager.
“We have all picked up piece of the job and frankly some projects have been delayed,” Eldridge said. “We had hoped this could have been concluded much earlier.”
Brunswick Town Councilor David Watson said Leighton, who started with the town in March 2018, was highly respected at the town hall.
“Being a retired police officer, I am eager to welcome him back to his position,” Watson said.

Efforts to reach Leighton Thursday were unsuccessful.

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