Why don’t the Republicans just call the election right now? They win – now and forever. No use leaving us in suspense, wasting time and energy on other candidates, either for president or any other office.

Republican senators (thank you, Susan Collins!) refused to impeach a president who abuses his power at every turn – doing Putin’s bidding and happily padding his pockets along the way.

Republicans refused to heed the scientists and have made sure COVID-19 continues to kill Americans and paralyze most businesses, putting the country in a slow death spin and normalizing high daily death counts.

They stole the mailboxes that would allow voting during a pandemic. They’ve made racist policies an integral part of their platform and convinced the public that anyone who doesn’t feel the way they do is un-American or is being “political.” And now they’ve cut off congressional committees from important intelligence regarding election security, corrupting (again!) the ideals of fairness and decency.

Democrats, progressives, and other real human beings – please stop wringing your hands. It’s over. It’s hard to say when the end began, maybe during Reagan’s “presidency,” maybe when McConnell proudly refused to consider Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court.

It doesn’t matter when our battle to actually improve things for every citizen (and not just the one-percenters) was clearly over. Given we are the party who accepts reality, I urge you to face the truth.

Republicans win – now and forever. Welcome to American dictatorship – GOP version.

Anne Rankin

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