The Press Herald endorses “no” on Questions D and E (Our Endorsement, Oct. 14), showing an alignment with landlords though renters desperately need protections.

The Press Herald criticizes Question D’s rent control measures by hypothesizing we might lose some rental units if landlords convert them to condos to avoid regulation. Yet, the Press Herald endorses “no” on Question E, which seeks to bring hundreds of Airbnb units back into the long-term rental market. How can it square these conflicting views?

The Press Herald and City Council keep saying we don’t need to regulate rental housing. They say building more affordable housing is the best solution for tenants.

But that’s not true. There are affordable apartments in Portland still, but their increasing rents are outpacing our wages, and tenants are being evicted so landlords can Airbnb to tourists.

Regulating rents and restricting Airbnb are better solutions for tenants. Vote “yes” on Questions D and E.

Oriana Farnham

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