Years ago, I stopped buying the Maine Sunday Telegram for any reason but the crossword puzzles. However, on Nov. 8, I ventured onto the opinion pages. I expected happiness about Joe Biden’s apparent win; I was happy myself. What I found offensive was the loud lamenting of Susan Collins’ success, which apparently was only due to her appeal to those who have lived here for a few generations (“The Maine Millennial: Re-election numbers have lessons for Collins,” Page D1).

The term “real Mainer” is usually used in a joking manner. However, there is a kernel of truth to the fact that those who have deep roots in the state often see things somewhat differently than do our newer residents. For examples, many of us aren’t thrilled about adding to the current population. We may also regard it as a positive that there remain a few acres not trashed by development or closed off by millionaires taking over the coastline. It’s all too reminiscent of the old Eagles song with the line “you call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye.”

Finally, I took two pretty clear messages from your Maine Millennial columnist’s reaction: No. 1 – Susan Collins won only by stating the obvious: that she has a deeper knowledge of Maine than her opponent. And, No. 2, those who voted for her must have been those stupid Mainers who have lived here forever.

To the contrary, I believe that we Mainers, “real” and “from away,” demonstrated that we can speak for ourselves and aren’t programmed to blindly follow our party’s lead. I think that’s a good thing.

Diane Welch

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