A commentary writer (Bill Nemitz, Dec. 3) has called all Republicans “insufferable,” right up there with “deplorable.” A couple of months back, a local commentary writer for another paper called all Republicans “greedy, selfish and racists.” I would never believe this about all Republicans, just as I would never believe all Democrats are hypocritical, deceptive and naive socialists. These traits do not describe people I know on either end of the spectrum.

Painting any one segment of our population with a single stroke of the brush is simply wrong. This happens frequently today, and it is a part of what greatly divides us. Writers who generalize in this manner do the citizenry no favors. They only add fuel to the fire and cause extreme polarization. We are presently reaping the results of this stereotyping, and it has done our country great harm.

I am a Republican. Before COVID, I was a volunteer at the Wayside Soup Kitchen. I donate to charities. I voted for Barack Obama, the first time around. I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a friend and a neighbor. Although flawed, I am a Christian and I pray. Being a Republican is not all that defines me. It is but one aspect of who I am.

Please know that I did not wish ill on Gov. Mills after reading of her exposure to COVID.

The saying goes: “We are judged by the company we keep.” I keep company with both Democrats and Republicans … and you?

Pamela Brant

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