The gall of Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen! The temerity! After writing a perfectly cogent commentary (“In attack on the Capitol, Trump has blood on his hands,” Jan. 8, Page A13), he concludes by suggesting it’s the “lamestream” media responsible for Wednesday’s desecration. You know, as if the Steele dossier and the Russian investigation caused this debacle. QAnon? Newsmax? Sean Hannity? Lou Dobbs? Tucker Carlson? No, no, no! It’s (wink, wink) The New York Times.

Thiessen, and for that matter, Jim Fossel, have a remarkable ability to be perfectly convincing 90 percent of the time, and then, unerringly, throw in misinformation, manipulation of facts or dark innuendo.

Journalists cannot afford to be believable only 90 percent of the time. Conservatism is a noble intellectual construct in the hands of a George Will, a Bill Kristol or a David Brooks. But these two are not up to the task. This paper must do better.

Charles Miller

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