Like most others, I was shocked at the violence in the Capitol last week, and by the role of the president in encouraging it. The events have resulted in calls for impeachment. I urge a more cautious approach.

We should always hold people responsible for their misdeeds. However, there is a thin line between holding people accountable and seeking vengeance. Pursuing impeachment feels more like retribution than seeking accountability, or at least I fear it would be seen that way by many Americans. We must be careful not to incite more violence. Instead, we should work toward beginning dialogue and finding ways to bridge the huge gap that has opened up among citizens.

I believe Congress should be seeking to censure Donald Trump at this time. That is accountability enough for right now. I further believe that criminal charges should then be sought after we have a new administration in place. That feels like a more appropriate time and manner for holding Trump accountable for what he did this past week.

Cushman D. Anthony

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