BRUNSWICK — Brunswick-based bluShift Aerospace delayed the launch of its first rocket Friday because of overcast skies at the Limestone launch site.

Headquartered at Brunswick Landing, bluShift aims to test its prototype rocket, which would be the first commercial rocket launched in Maine and the first commercial rocket powered by a bio-derived fuel in the world. The company hopes to launch small satellites for customers in the future.

The bluShift team plans to launch the 20-foot-long, 550-pound rocket about a mile into the sky from Loring Commerce Centre before descending under a parachute.

Company spokesman Seth Lockman said Friday the launch will likely be rescheduled for Wednesday or sometime the following week. He announced the launch was postponed due to weather shortly before 3 p.m. on the company’s live stream of the planned launch.

Lockman said all systems were functioning properly, but there were too many clouds to go ahead with the launch.

“As dress rehearsals go this was a good one,” he added.

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