Terrorists bludgeoned a policeman to death inside the United States Capitol. You’d expect those who proclaim “Blue Lives Matter” would be screaming in horror, rage and grief. Instead, the response has been eerily subdued. Could this strange silence be because they mostly value “Blue Lives” for their use in oppressing “Black Lives”?

When white supremacists kill a cop, who is doing his job protecting our multiracial democracy, it turns out the cop’s life didn’t much matter.

This one detail of the Capitol rampage reveals the vast abyss of hypocrisy, the moral vacuum of the Republican Party’s calls for “law and order,” “unity” and “healing.” Even scarier than the hypocrisy is this: In turning a blind eye to their cherished abomination of cop killing, they have made clear their steely, shark-like disregard for any real values other than clinging to power.

We need healing, but first we need truth and consequences.

Deborah Paley

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