Sen. Angus King wrongly asserts that Republicans have “divided the country“; it is Big Government that is divisive.

An expanding Code of Federal Regulations, written by unelected bureaucrats, seeps into our lives and commanders our resources – there is too much at stake for various factions not to be intensely concerned how the “boot” or largesse of government falls upon them. If the federal government were half its size, with less regulation and subsidy (to Big Business as well as individuals), we would fret less about Washington politics. Government should not be the center of our lives. Weren’t our Founders right? Our pursuit of happiness is more successful with less government?

And Big Government cannot legislate fairness: The bigger it gets, the more discriminatory it becomes because its regulations and enforcers are so mighty, only businesses or interests large enough to navigate its many laws, or stifle new ones to preserve their monopoly status (Big Tech) succeed.

Despite the excitement of non-targeted stimulus checks, Big Government makes us poorer because it misallocates resources. Instead of freely associating in free markets to provide goods and services for ourselves, we increasingly work to game the system, currying favor with those issuing regulation and subsidy. Prosperity is gained by us being industrious and innovative, not government edict.

Tim Michalak

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