John Balentine, you seemed to miss some Trump accomplishments in your recent article (“Trump’s legacy,” Jan. 14).

Tax cuts were for corporations and the 1%. A stimulus dumped on an expanding economy was ill-timed and now the GOP is worried about deficits. What a surprise.

If you like judges who are living in the 1700s, you are happy. If you think times have changed, good luck with the conservative court judges, some ruled unqualified by the American Bar Association.

Trump dumped government money on the vaccine companies and stepped out of the way to politicize masks and social distancing. Pfizer did not accept any U.S. money. Trump’s handling of the pandemic probably cost him the election.

Minority employment went up because the economy was at 3% unemployment. Trump, as with all presidents, has very little individual impact on macroeconomics.

On Middle East peace, Trump abandoned long-term allies, yielding Syria to Russia and Iran. He coddled the Saudis and the crown prince, despite murder, and willingly helped them with weaponry to prosecute the war in Yemen, costing countless civilian lives.

North Korea is a hermit kingdom and their rhetoric flows up and down. Now it is down, but they experiment with weapons. I don’t see anything that Trump has changed about North Korea.

On immigration, Trump took children from their parents and locked them up. Many families will never be reunited. Many in the GOP have become racist and cruel. When the economy improves with an aging population, we will need more workers and the GOP wants to keep them out.

If you believe any agreement Trump has with China and China will stick with it, I have a bridge I want to sell you. And the tariffs are costing Americans money with no real change in intellectual property rights issues.

If everyone in the U.S. has health insurance, whether they want it or not, then we have fewer people using the ER, ultimately at taxpayer expense, and not showing up until they are truly and expensively sick.

Phil Davies