• Effective immediately, residents from all New England states are exempt from having to quarantine or provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test before visiting Maine. Until now, only New Hampshire and Vermont residents were exempt. Additionally, beginning May 1, visitors from all states will be exempt from those requirements, although the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention could still impose restrictions on states that have a high prevalence of COVID-19 variants.


• Beginning March 26, bars and tasting rooms will be permitted to reopen and will be required to follow the same guidelines currently in place for restaurants.


• Beginning March 26, indoor gatherings can increase to 50 percent of a building’s capacity and outdoor gatherings can increase to 75 percent of capacity.


• Beginning May 24, indoor gatherings can increase to 75 percent of capacity and outdoor gatherings can operate at 100 percent capacity. These capacities can be dialed back if the CDC determines there is an elevated risk of COVID-19 spread.

• Businesses already operating at increased capacity under the current policy – 50 people for indoor gatherings, 100 people for outdoor gatherings or 5 people per 1,000 square feet – are permitted to maintain that standard until May 24.


• Maine’s mask mandate for public gathering remains in place and is likely to be in effect through the summer. Additionally, other health and safety protocols, like physical distancing, regular hand washing and other enhanced cleaning protocols for businesses still apply. The new plan also doesn’t change anything for Maine schools.

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