Change is happening in North Yarmouth and we, as a community, need to prepare for it.

Many people want to move here and private landowners have the right to sell their land to whomever they choose. We need to pass the recommended Land Use Ordinance Amendments at the April 24 Town Meeting to be proactive in controlling commercial development in North Yarmouth. These ordinance changes were developed over the past two years by the volunteer Planning Board.

The ordinance changes are primarily for commercial buildings only! The building designs would not prohibit franchise stores, but they will assure that their design is appropriate in our small town center.

I fear that a small number of folks will show at the Town Meeting and people will not have done the background reading necessary. The proposed changes on the town website are clearly noted in a different colored typeface. Please visit the town website at and

I believe passing these warrant items will improve our town. Please participate in our annual Town Meeting on Saturday morning, April 24. at 9 a.m. Only residents present can vote.

Rob Wood
Former North Yarmouth select board member