My life partner and I are among the some 3,000 in every 100,000 people who have compromised immune systems. We are in increased danger, even though we are vaccinated, from those citizens who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

Whatever the reasons for such behavior, it cannot be based on history. Vaccines that have been mandated brought an end to polio, smallpox, diphtheria, mumps and rubella. Influenza, which has no vaccine mandate, still kills some 35,000 Americans annually.

In large part because there is no COVID vaccination mandate, the disease remains active, and the new variant is currently roaring through communities in Maine and elsewhere.

Disease pays no attention to politics, which is the root cause among many anti-vaxxers. And it tends to thrive on the ignorance of those who downplay medicine and science.

Remember, our kids are headed back to school and the playing fields; the bars and restaurants are jammed; the state parks and beaches are crowded with visitors.

Bring on the mandates before disease once again spreads preventable sickness and death in our midst.

Norman Abelson

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