Bath Housing Authority has transitioned its public housing portfolio to Bath Housing Development Corporation. 

The transition converts the 97 apartments at the Anchorage, Dike’s Landing and the Moorings from the one-size-fits-all Low Income Public Housing program to a less cumbersome and more flexible Housing Choice Voucher subsidy program, according to a statement from Bath Housing.

“This provides more flexibility for residents and allows Bath Housing Development Corporation – as the new owner – to pursue new avenues of funding for much needed asset improvements,” the statement reads, in part.

“Bath Housing offers an array of vital services and housing options to seniors, individuals with disabilities, and low-income families,” Sen. Susan Collins was quoted in the statement. “This transition to a voucher funding model is a win-win by allowing Bath Housing to continue to provide safe and affordable housing options while giving residents more flexibility to move if they wish.  As the Ranking Member of the Housing Appropriations Subcommittee, I will continue to work to improve the availability and quality of affordable housing in Maine.”

The properties will continue to serve the same residents with equal levels of affordability, but with more flexibility.  Residents can now take their housing subsidy vouchers with them should they choose to move as their housing needs change. This comes because the conversion shifts funding from Section 9 of the 1937 Housing Act to Section 8 of the same act – different sections of the Act, different appropriation processes, and different regulations, but maintaining the same level of affordability. 

In addition Bath Housing said there would be enhanced resident services, immediate capital improvements such as upgrades to egress, landscaping, and HVAC systems, and additional long-term improvements to things like boilers, walkways and parking lots.

“Through this transition, these properties will enjoy a more stable subsidy stream to continue providing needed rental assistance for the families living in the 97 public housing units in the portfolio,” Robert Cwieka of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development was quoted in the statement.

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