Community members, friends and family have raised over $44,000 for the family of a Richmond woman who died from injuries she suffered in a car accident, but not before giving birth to her second child through an emergency C-section.

Amanda Wogaman-Hunt Photo courtesy of Patrick Hunt

Amanda Wogaman-Hunt, 33, was driving west on Route 197 in Richmond on Sept. 7 when the head-on collision occurred, according to her husband, Patrick Hunt. Her 3-year-old daughter was in the car but wasn’t injured.

Wogaman-Hunt and her daughter were taken to Maine Medical Center in Portland. Her daughter was discharged immediately and Wogaman-Hunt gave birth to her second child, a boy, via emergency C-section.

Wogaman-Hunt remained stable but unresponsive until she died from her injuries surrounded by family on Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Her son was born eight weeks early, but was unharmed in the crash. He is still in the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) but is doing well, said Hunt.

“He’s a miracle baby,” said Deanne McNamara, Wogaman-Hunt’s aunt. “Amanda took every ounce of the trauma.”


“I was relieved to hear my children were fine, but heartbroken at the same time,” said Hunt. “It was a rollercoaster that lasted about two weeks. I went from one of the happiest days of my life to the saddest day of my life. I couldn’t process the emotions at the same time. I would go to the NICU and hold my baby boy and be as happy as I could be, and then check back into reality and go through the saddest days of my life.”

Immediately after the car accident, McNamara created a GoFundMe online fundraiser for the family to help cover medical bills and anything else the family might need.

“When the accident happened, I knew (Hunt) was going to struggle because he was dealing with a premature baby and a 3-year-old and now a single income,” said McNamara. “My husband had leukemia a few years ago and someone started (a GoFundMe) for us. It made such a huge difference in those first few months to not have to worry about some things. I wanted to be able to give that to Patrick.”

The fundraising goal is set at $75,000.

As of Tuesday afternoon, over 400 friends, family and strangers had raised over $44,000.  Hunt said the outpouring of support from the community is “unfathomable” and proof that “(his wife) touched a lot of lives.”

“It’s nice to know there are good people in the world, especially when it’s hard to see which way is up right now,” said Hunt. “Any time you hear about bad things happening to someone as young as Amanda and who was starting a young family, people want to help.”


Wogaman-Hunt was a counselor at Harpswell Coastal Academy and a camp counselor during the summer, said Hunt. He said she liked any outdoor activity, especially swimming.

“She was a fish out of water most of the time,” said Hunt. “She never liked to stay in the house. She was always making plans to go do things on the weekends.”

Wogaman-Hunt’s sister is compiling photos, messages and stories of Wogaman-Hunt to create a book for her children so they can know who their mother was as they grow up without her, said McNamara.

Aside from submissions for the book, McNamara said she has received an outpouring of messages through the GoFundMe page from friends and strangers alike who send their condolences and memories of Wogaman-Hunt to the family.

“She loved fiercely,” said McNamara. “If you entered her orbit, she loved you for who you are and you were a better person for knowing her. It’s nice to know that even after something so terrible, she’s still touching people’s lives. That’s perfectly Amanda.”

To donate, visit and search for “Hunt Family Deanne McNamara.”

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