While our kids are inundated with “diversity” concepts, a politically driven Department of Education is removing diversity of thought, which is the driving force behind the value of diversity. The misdirection is intentional.

They are intentionally creating an echo chamber by deploying advanced critical theory methods. Echo chambers handicap and end critical thinking, which creates short- and long-term ill affects. As these harmful effects alarm society, public leaders direct attention to a lack of race- and sexuality-based diversity as the scapegoat, intimidating dissenters.

Woke culture is tainted entertainment to grade schools due to the common core echo chamber deployed by politically compromised state and federal bureaucrats with their partners in exceedingly funded unions and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). Educators must restrain their emotions and opinions and comprehend the intent of those funding this madness.

“It’s just a construct” to “white male patriarchy” is stated by so many students due to these deliberately crafted critical theory lenses, while politically aligned institutions have intensified by proudly rejecting proper dissent.

The most racially and sexually diverse institutions will fail unless they are also diverse in thought.

Allen Sarvinas