The despicable drone attack of Aug, 29, which killed seven innocent children and three adults in the Ahmadi family in Kabul, Afghanistan, was just the latest extrajudicial execution conducted by the United States Air Force at Creech Air Force Base. It is here, 40 miles north of Las Vegas, in the “belly of the beast,” where decisions are made every day about who will live and who will die. When a Hellfire missile is fired from a Reaper or Predator drone, flying high above countries like Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia, those killed are often not guilty of anything other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time – just like the Ahmadi family was.

Let the terrible killing of innocents in Kabul be the beginning of accountability and transparency for a Pentagon program that has gone rogue, indiscriminately murdering people without any semblance of justice. There is no judge, no jury, no trial, just generalized suspicion by those at Creech watching from 10,000 feet up and 8,000 miles away.

Let this incident also be the beginning of the end of this out-of-control program. As a USAF veteran, I feel the drone program actually makes our country less safe by creating real terrorists who may seek revenge for their loved ones who are assassinated going about their daily lives – just like the Ahmadi family was when a Hellfire missile reigned down death.

Ground the drones!

Don Kimball
South Portland

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