Isn’t it interesting that Editorial Page Editor Greg Kesich (“The View From Here: Golden’s ‘Mr. Smith’ stand is not helping,” Oct. 3) believes U.S. Rep. Jared Golden needs to be schooled by film references just because his infrastructure posture creates inconvenience for the overspending advocates behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Mr. Kesich clearly supports the abeyance on projects, too long delayed, that have seen airports, bridges, broadband and clean water services erode. If the largest social spending is pushed forward without any consideration for the looming deficits in Social Security and Medicare, aren’t we complacent in our vision and simply setting the table for more crisis-driven tax and spend in the near future?

Big spending deserves bipartisanship, which the “hard infrastructure” has achieved. The agenda of the Democratic left wing needs more detailed analysis on government priorities, enforcement provisions and spending strategy overall, not a single-party jam session.

Independent voters are the unrepresented by the parties, and we deserve better government, not bigger government. Bring America back smartly!

Rich Carreau

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