Chebeague Island

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Tues.  10/19  6 p.m.  School Committee  Chebeague Island School

Wed.  10/20  6 p.m.  Select Board

Thur.  10/21  Community Advisory Response Team


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Thur.  10/14  6 p.m.  Lands and Conservation Commission Trails Subcommittee


Mon.  10/18  4 p.m.  Town Council Workshop with Maine State Housing Authority  Town Hall

Tues.  10/19  7 p.m.  Planning Board  Town Hall

Wed.  10/20  4 p.m.  Communications Subcommittee

Wed.  10/20  5 p.m.  Finance Committee  Town Hall

Wed.  10/20  5 p.m.  Lands and Conservation Commission Farmland Assessment Subcommittee


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Thur.  10/21  6:30 p.m.  Historic District Commission


Town Council meetings are on Falmouth Community TV Channel 1301 or the online stream. See for Zoom information.

Thur.  10/14  10 a.m.  Shellfish Conservation Committee  Town Hall

Tues.  10/19  8:30 a.m.  Community Development Committee

Tues.  10/19  4 p.m.  Parks and Community Programs Advisory Committee

Thur.  10/21  7 p.m.  Harbor/Waterfront Committee  Town Hall



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Thur.  10/14  6 p.m.  Shellfish Commission

Thur.  10/14  7 p.m.  Social and Racial Equity Assessment Committee

Mon.  10/18  7 p.m.  Sustainability Advisory Board

Mon.  10/18  7 p.m.  Sewer District Board of Trustees  Treatment Plant

Tues.  10/19  6 p.m.  Office Hours for Freeport Downtown Vision Plan


Tues.  10/19  6:30 p.m.  Town Council

Wed.  10/20  6 p.m.  Project Review Board  Town Hall

North Yarmouth

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Tues.  10/19  5:30 p.m.  Select Board Workshop  Wescustogo

Tues.  10/19  7 p.m.  Select Board Meeting/Public Hearing  Wescustogo

Thur.  10/21  6:30 p.m.  Economic Development and Sustainability Committee  Wescustogo



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Tues.  10/19  6:30 p.m.  Ordinance Review Committee

Wed.  10/20  6 p.m.  Planning Board  Mallett Hall

Wed.  10/20  Capital Improvement Planning Committee  Mallett Hall


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Thur.  10/14  7 p.m.  School Committee  Log Cabin


Thur.  10/14  7 p.m.  Operations Committee  Community Room

Mon.  10/18  7 p.m.  Bike and Pedestrian Committee  Community Room

Tues.  10/19  5:30 p.m.  Pesticides Advisory Task Force  Community Room

Wed.  10/20  9 a.m.  Economic Development Advisory Board Marketing and Communications Subcommittee  Community Room

Thur.  10/21  7 p.m.  Town Council  Community Room

All meetings are remote unless otherwise noted.