A raccoon captured in the town of Freeport has tested positive for rabies, according to a social media post from Freeport Police Department on Tuesday.

The post said that the town was notified by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention after the animal was brought to their facility from Freeport.

Police are recommending the following safety tips to protect yourself from rabies: Keep your pet’s rabies vaccination current; don’t feed, touch, or adopt wild animals; be cautious of stray dogs and cats; feed pets indoors; keep garbage cans or other sources of food tightly secured; and do not move raccoons or other wildlife from one area to another in order to prevent the spread of rabies in new areas.

The social media post asks that the public contact the Freeport Police Department animal control officer at (207) 865-4800 to report dead or suspicious raccoons, skunks, foxes or coyotes.

If bitten or scratched by an animal, Freeport police advise the public to wash the the wound with soap and water and contact a doctor and the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at (800) 821-5821 in Augusta for advice.

Attempts to contact Freeport Police for further comment on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

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